Friday 25 March 2016

Reading Challenge - Reccomended by a Friend

For this category, I asked for the help of two of my friends who are very much into books too. One of them told me that I should read a J.R.Ward book but I found that I could fit that book into a lot more categories so I followed my other friend's advice. I think that if my friend hadn't told me to read this book for this challenge I would have never read this book because it just wasn't a genre that I saw myself liking.

(I was wrong, by the way. I am now hooked to mysteries and whatnot).

So, the book my friend L reccomended me was: "Ice Princess" by Camilla Lackberg.

This is the first book of a whole saga but it can be read as a stand-alone since the only connecting factor is the main couple: Erica and Patrick and their friends/family. This book begins when Erica moves back to her hometown and finds her childhood bestfriend dead in her bathtub. Oooh, suspense!

Now I'm the worst person to read thrillers and mysteries because I just can't put the book down until I find the murderer. I just have to know! This is a great book because you are completly in the dark ALL THE TIME, which I kind of hated sometimes because they hid things from you and you know they were hiding those things (like Erica would find a note but they'd never tell you what the note said, for example). There was also some tension on the dialogues, sometimes, they felt really out of place and like they had been forced, especially at the begining of Erica's and Patrick's relationship.

Anyways, I overall liked it. I had never read a Scandinavian book but now I kind of want to get the second book ("The Preacher").

p.s.: also, the book gets wayyyyy better if you imagine Patrick as Daniel Craig. I did! ;)

And for the quote:
"'How did she look?'

At first Erica didn’t understand what Birgit had said. Her voice was tiny, like a child’s. Erica didn’t know what to answer.
‘Lonely,’ was what finally came out, and she regretted it at once."

(10 of 50)

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