Thursday 24 March 2016

Reading Challenge - One-Word Title

I started reading this baby for two reasons: the first was because I was bored with another book I was reading and this was the only book I had left in Aldiko; and the second reason was simply because of this challenge! (okay so maybe this was my first kind-of-planned reading).

The book I'm talking about is "Attachments" by Rainbow Rowell and my, my, I have to say I had to start it twice. It was really hard for me to get into it because I just simply couldn't tell Beth and Jennifer apart so I kept going back and forth to re-read it... until the very end I found these two characters very alike, with the same sense of humour just with a different lifestyle (married/single, pregnant/not-even-close-to-get-hitched, etc).

However I confess that what I loved most about this book was Lincoln and how alike him I was: no idea what to do about like, no future in sight, lost and with this kind of unhappiness but at the same time happy with life.

To sum up, this book wasn't exactly my favorite ever and it will hardly make a top 5 of my favorite books ever especially because I got a little disappointed with the ending. I spent the whole book waiting for them to meet and then... that was that? Only that? And what about getting married? And babies? And do they live togethr? And Linc's mum? And...and....and. Basically, I had a huge book hang over after this one!

(I can confess that even though I grabbed another book right after this one, I sometimes stopped, gazed into nothing and thought "Linc and Beth, ayyyy" and I got happy that Linc was happy at least!)

Also, I got the SWEETEST quote out of this book:

"I want someone whose heart is big enough to hold me."

(8 of 50)

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