Monday 28 March 2016

Reading Challenge - A Book Set in Another Country

To begin with, my country is Portugal and there aren't many books set here unless they are written by national authors so this was basically a veryyyy easy pick because I could choose any book in the world.
For me, the coolest and easiest (and let's be honest, cheapest) way to travel is to grab a book and go. And my friends, let me tell you my destination: Egypt!

I first grabbed this book because I was invited to this Goodreads group where you had to read an Agatha Christie book per month. I had never ever read any Agatha Christie book which was basically blasphemy so I grabbed this one (and okay fine, I have only read this one book and we're on month 3 right now but I'm a procrastinator, I told you!!!!).

Anddddd my first time with Agatha was innnnn... "Death on the Nile"!

I loooooved every moment on it! I adored the writing and the plot and like usual when reading police novels, I always put my detective hat on and try to find the murderer which is super fun. It was especially fun because my dad had read this book already and I could always tell him who I thought was the killer and he was basically try to tell me wrong. In fact, the killer in this book was pretty easy and clear from me in the beggining but I only steered away because people kept telling me that it's never the obvious with Agatha Christie so this made the reading so much more fun for me!

I was also affraid that I wouldn't like Poirot much because I really like Sherlock Holmes but it's official, I am a fan. I love everything.

My fav quote was this one:
“For, as Mr. Ferguson was saying at that minute in Luxor, it is not the past that matters but the future.”

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