Thursday 24 March 2016

Reading Challenge - A Colour in the Title

Now, for this book I had to think back to all the books I had read in 2015 and then search them through Goodreads. Something told me that I had indeed read a book with a colour in the title in 2015 and I was right!

And now thinking back to it, I can't figure out how I'd forgotten about this book because I went nuts after reading the first one and wanting to read the 2nd one. So.... my book is.......

"Pink Ice" by Carolina Soto.

Honestly speaking, I can't exactly tell you what this book is about because I can't remember much of the story besides it being a romance between two co-workers (boss and worker, maybeee?) that had a very strong and feisty female  protagonist that I pretty muched loved. I remember falling in love with the girl in "Blue Ice", the first book, and wanting to read the sequel just because of her.

Without much to add, let's unveil my fav quote, shall we? (Also, a special thanks to Goodreads for this!):

“Now I knew that if that's how the devil looks, I wanted to go straight to hell.”

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