Saturday 28 May 2016

ROLAND GARROS: Yays and Nays

I know that I mostly write about books and tv shows in this blog but to be completly honest, my heart is since long ago occupied by a bigger passion: tennis (Rafael Nadal, oléeee).

This week saw the start of one of biggest and most imortant tournaments of the year, a tournament that belongs to the Grand Slam category and that is one of my favs because it's clay, it's green and orange, it's Rafael Nadal's kingdom (rip for that announcement tho) to celebrate this wonderful time of the year, and one of the few tournaments that gathers girls and boys and where everyone takes their best outfit, I'm going to be the fashion police of this Roland Garros.

I know, I never ever comment on looks (even if I swoon over them) but tennis outfits are more than just meet the eye and so I'm going to write about them. And it's probably something I'm never going to write about ever but here we go, let's check the ground and what everyone's wearing!

[let's keep in mind, though, this is a sports event and everyone is supposed to be comfortable!]


(via Bola Amarela)

 You'll excuse me but I thought of writing this because I saw Alizé Lim wearing dungarees!!!!! They are soooo cool and Alizé Lim is looking so good, this is definitely the coolest outfit in Roland Garros and also probably the coolest outfit ever in the history of tennis! Apparently Lim drew her own outfit for Le Coq Sportif and these are basically the dungarees I NEED to have for every single sporty or leisure activity. Quoting ABBA: "Gimme, gimme, gimme!"

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The gorgeous Laura Robson and possibly a few other gorgeous girls wore this cute Nike outfit. We thank you, Nike, for giving us this pleated skirt that goes well with everything, and especially for giving us this skirt in a tournemnts where Adidas decided to take zebras for a walk.

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My countryman João Sousa, David Ferrer, Sam Groth and a few other lads have been wearing this Lotto shirt for a few tournaments now but I love it so much! I like the colour and I like how it looks so soft and comfy. I want to bury my face in this shirt and sleep with it. It looks so soft, it could be in an ad about clothes detergent. I find it hard to believe that this shirt isn't too warm to play in but....softnessssss. 


Remember the music? Yeah, so did Adidas.
Adidas thought it was a good idea to do this to like 10 players and transform our lovely clay into a savannah.

And to think Tomas Berdych left H&M for this.........
(In the pics: Alexader Zverev and Ana Ivanovic)

 (via Zimbio)

I think Jan-Lennard Struff buys his own clothes and doesn't have a sponsor which okay, doesn't make it so bad, but still I have to wonder: why these shorts?

 (via Zimbio)

Stanislas Wawrinka and his reflective vest, courtesy of Yonex, just in case a collision happens on court and he needs one. It's better than his shorts from last year and it looks great in shadow-y photos....

And that's that! I'm very surprised that I wasn't able to include Bethany Mattek on this list but to be honest I don't recall seeing her around the French Open.... anyone knows where this fashion icon is hiding these days?


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