Wednesday 11 May 2016

Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You are Most Like

It's wednesday, wednesday, gotta get down on wednesdayyyyy.... well, it went more or less like this....right?

It has been a while since I have done this T5W, like a week or something, but I'm hereeee and this week we're doing: "Characters You are Most Like". The goal here isn't to discribe what we want to be like, but what we are truly like which is an awfully hard topic for people, who like me:
a.  have a hard time discribing themselves (won't even tell you how much I tremble everytime I get asked in job interviews: 'tell me your strengths and weaknesses');
b. only can point out weaknesses about themselves.

I thought about escaping from this topic but I think this will be a good exercise for me. Maybe this list will be mostly bad traits but oh well. I promised myself I would include at least 2 good ones!
As usual this topic was created by Lainey and is now managed by Sam and you can find everything about it hereeeee!

Alright, so let's get on this topic of a lifetime. I have placed the characters and our shared trait in each title:

1. Lincoln (Attachments, Rainbow Rowell) // Unhappy Happiness 

The title sounds really weird in english but anyways. Linc is this character who feels a bit blocked in his life, like he isn't doing anything and he wants much more even if he does like the life that he lives. I am a bit like that, I am happy doing what I do and living the way I live but I can't help but feel like I want more and I want different things. Also, like Linc, I just have a hard time getting there.

2. Claire (Outlander, Diana Gabaldon) // Opinative

Wow, okay, like Claire no one can keep be quiet if I have something to say. If there is something be to be said, it is going to come out of me one way or another. I don't think this trait is always good and positive even though sometimes it's just easier to speak out than to let things drag on and cause problems later on. I have opinions about pretty much everything and I can mostly defend them pretty well, though we all have those 'because I said so' moments. I can usually win every argument but I don't get too upset if I don't.

3. Scout (Please, Don't Kill the Mockingbird, Harper Lee) // Justice

Scout could never understand why some people have some rights and other people have other rights. She was never able to understand discrimination. I am a bit like that, I hate injustices whether it's about the colour of our skin or our sexual orientations or even just a stupid football game. I considering going into Law for sometime simply for this reason but then understood that I probably wouldn't do so well.

4. Kaye (Skygods, Sarah Latchaw) // Criative

Kaye is one of my favorite characters and we share many traits. One of them is that she, like me, has a degree in Marketing and she even has her own advertising and PR company (unlike me, I'm just unemployed). I adore her and I feel like we are much alike in that we are both very creative and like to create campaigns and find strategies to help out others.

5. Erica (Ice Princess, Camilla Lackberg) // Perceptive

Like Erica, it's very difficult to have something pass unnoticed by me. I am very curious and I have an elephant's memory so I remember most of what has been said to me or around me. Because of this and because I am very observant, I am also very perceptive so most of the times I can understand things very fast, even if people don't tell me everything about something. The bad part is at Christmas, when I figure out all my gifts before I open them (sorry, fam!!)

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