Wednesday 4 May 2016

The Sunshine Blogger Awards!

...also known as my first ever nomination at something blog related!! Ahhhhh. I feel sooooo happy and honoured! I was nominated by the lovely Savannah at The Book Prophet (which is a blog you should most definitely check out because she puts the oo in cool, the ass in kickass and she is rad and writes about a ton of books that I kind of wanna read).

Anyways, sunshine awards. Weeee. Okay, so let's start! (and I hope I will follow all the rules, 'cause this is my first time at this!)


- Thank the person who nominated you.
- Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
- Nominate 11 bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions to answer.


1. If you could go back in time to fix a mistake you've made or to change something, what would it be?

Okay if I could go back in time and change something I probably would have:
a. Studied more for my media planning class because it would probably come in handy right now;
b. Read the book Os Maias when I should have (aka when it was an obligatory reading at school!)
c. Probably would have treated some people better in highschool, because I really liked them.
d. Have signed up for a programming class in uni.

2. If you could pick a place in time to travel to, when and where?

I would go to the court of Louis XIV because I would get to see Versailles being built and would have been able to live there which would probably be pretty ace. Also, cute boys at court. (but honestly, I wouldn't time travel because I love the present).

3. Pick one fictional object you'd like to own.

Invisibility cloak from Harry Potter!!!  I mean.... who wouldn't, honestly? You'd get to see everything and hear every conversation you wanted without people seeing you! It would honestly be so cool, you'd be a little fly on the wall.... just an invisible one at that.

4. Who is your favorite actor/actress?

After much consideration, I'm going with.... Benedict Cumberbatch. Because he is the Cumberbatch and I mean.... I will only really watch Doctor Strange/something comics related because of him and I think that means he is my favorite actor.
Favorite actress.... I don't know. I don't have one.


5. What is your current favorite TV show?

VIKINGS! no,wait... Outlander! Yes, between those two. This one is sooooo hard because I love so many shows and I am so addicted to so many of them . I suppose Vikings is that one show I always have to watch the epi when it comes out and Outlander is the show where I try to not watch the epis until the season ends because I know the hiatus will be too big and I want to watch them closer to the new seasons. So, yeah.

6. Name three fandoms you are a part of.

a. RAFAEL NADAL!!!! The first fandom I was in, where I learned to speak/write english and where I read my first ever fanfics. Oh my, I was only like...13. I'm still part of that fandom because Nadal is a huge part of my life and I love him to bits <3 <3

b. Sherlock!!!! BBC Sherlock is my addiction and I am super part of the fandom even if okay I don't write fics or anything but I adore Sherlock and the actors and I love everyone involved in this fandom and tv show and gaaaaah. Once, I even sent them an email to see if they wanted to collab with a company I was working with and that is the high point of my career.

c. Outlander! I don't consider myself a really active part of this fandom and I can hardly know all the dates and facts and everything that an avid fan should know but I just love this fandom and these books and this serie and these actors. Urgh.

7. Favorite childhood character?

Oliver and Benji from those soccer cartoons, probably, 'cause I watch them a whooooooole lot. Or like... Ash from Pokemon. Just...someone from the cartoons I used to watch as a child.

8. Favorite superhero movie?

I have only watched Spider-man soooooo............ (shame on me, shame on me)

9. If a zombie apocalypse were to happen, pick your weapon of choice, food of choice, shelter of choice, and fictional character to bring along with you.

DEAN AND SAM, OBVIOUSLY. or if I could only choose one character I'd choose Sam because he was always my favorite brother and I mean... how can anyone choose anybody else? These guys kill demons for a living! Weapon of choice would be... a gun??? A knife??? (how are zombies killed? okay, I'm going with a gun 'cause I can shoot from afar). Food would be just lots of canned food and water and sugar (just in case). The shelter of choice would be a bunker or a boat, because zombies probably can't swim.

10. Most anticipated book release of the year.

Nicholas Sparks' new romance because I am a sucker for Nicholas Sparks stuff and the new Alice Clayton book (named Cream of the Crop).

11. If you could choose one book that you'd be able to adapt into a movie your way, what would it be and who would you cast, where would you shoot, who would write the script, etc?

I would choose Baltasar&Blimunda by José Saramago because it's one of my favorite books EVER. It would be shot here in Portugal, in Mafra because that's where the story takes places.Scott Eastwood would play Baltasar (because hotttttt) and Karla Souza as Blimunda (because I love her so much) and I'd cast Sean Connery as Priest Bartolomeu. I would write the script because it's my favorite book and I'd want to work closely with Scott Eastwood (wink wink).

(I have only know like 2 bloggers and one of them is Savannah so I'mma nominate blogs who I am a fan of, so don't feel obligated to do this!)

Tempo de Ler at Tempo de Ler
And anyone else who wants to do this (just leave me the link bellow!)


1. If you had to put together a perfect book: from which book would you take the plot, the characters, the villains, etc.? (i.e.: plot from Divergent, male character is Peeta from Hunger Games.....)

2. Would you rather read many books a year but them being meeh stories or only reading one book during a year but the story being WOW WOW WOW?

3. Books are always better than movies, but which movie is better than its book in your opinion?

4. If you could choose a fictional character to be your best friend in real life, who would it be and why?

5. Choose a favourite tv show. Who is your favorite character and your least favourite character?

6. What was the irst book you've ever read?

7. If you could be anything you wanted, what would you be?

8. What is your happiest memory?

9. What's your favorite quote?

10. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

11. Name: your ideal holiday destination, who would go with you and 3 things you would take.

Okayyyy, and that's it! Thank you Savannah for nominating me and I look forward to see everyone doing this award thingie because it was super fun for me (tho I acknowlege I have to start following more blogs!!!)


  1. Great answers! The invisibility cloak is a MUST. Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome, though I've only seen him in Sherlock. It's funny how now both him and Martin Freeman are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yet they still haven't completed filming for season 4 of sherlock haha. (Freeman's in the new Captain America movie, by the way). Is Nadal the one who always does that thing with his ears and nose before serving? I like Djokovic. My sister is the same with the superheroes! One day I asked her who her favorite superhero was and she said Spiderman since that is the only superhero movie she's seen. You know The Incredibles count as a superhero movie as well. Just fyi. Yeah Sam and Dean would be great companions when it comes to a zombie apocalypse. Btw, you kill a zombie by either chopping off it's head or putting a bullet through it's brain (or knife). I've never heard of Baltasar&Blimunda before. Is it a Portugese book?

    1. MARTIN IS THE NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA??? (okay so I suppose I really need to start watching these movies). The funny thing is that both Martin and Ben have said that they want to do Sherlock still even if they have a filled agenda which is why Sherlock takes a millions years to be delivered :(

      Haha well, I suppose. Nadal is the one with the most habits, the one who takes his panties out of his bum before serving. I don't like Djoko but it's okay, we can still be friends :P

      I have seen The Incredibles!!! But I didn't like it so Spiderman it is. Does Big Hero 6 count?? 'Cause if so, then I change my answer.

      Ahhh. So I'd be good with my gun and with my Sam. hehhe.

      Yes, that's a portuguese book but there is an english translation. Saramago is one of the most famous portuguese authors and has a very peculiar writing style. Here's the goodreads page if you wanna check it out:

      Thank you again for nominating me <3

    2. No, he's just IN the new Captain America. I think he's just a SHIELD agent or something.
      Yeah its hilarious. My dad makes fun of him.
      I haven't seen Big Hero 6, but I think it does.
      Sam would be a wreck without Dean, though. If you're thinking realistically. Unless Dean is in heaven with Cas, he may be okay.

    3. I need to watch that, eitherways!
      You NEED to watch Big Hero 6....and this comes from a person who barely watches movies (esp animated movies).
      Well, you got a point there. I'll take both, then :P