Monday 23 May 2016

First Lines #3: We Were Liars


I'm currently reading 'We Were Liars' by E.Lockhart and honestly, WORD PORN is all I can say!

What kind of writing is this, my Lord? Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Okay, it's weird, you may tell me but I have come to realize and accept that the weirder the writing is, the more I am likely to love it.

These full stops. In the middle of the sentences.  (See what I did there?)
I really like it!!!! I think sometimes people tend to overdo when they want to have a more poetic writing styles so they put full stops and paragraphs all over trying to be more dramatic but in this book, it's soooooo perfect and sooooo well done.

And so what if I have understood zilch about this story? And so if some of the metaphors leave me wondering: 'is this real? is this a metaphor? is anything real?'

I haven't been able to connect very well with the characters yet, may be because they are not very relatable or simpy because I have understood zilch about this book but I am already tempted to give this book a positive rating just for the writing.

Also, I am already picturing how that Cady accident wasnt just an accident. There is probably something hidden about it and everyone is probably involved seeing as every single person in this book acts wayyyyy sketchy. Either that or the whole story is just a dream and nothing ever happened. Maybe the Sinclairs aren't even real. I have no idea. I'm probably very wrong about it.

After all I am in love with the writing. And I understand zilch about the story.

p.s.: I'll leave you one of my fav quotes, this one left me with heart eyes and is very word porn:

"Mirren. She is sugar. She is curiosity and rain.

Johnny. He is bounce. He is effort and snark.

Gat, my Gat, once upon a time my Gat—he has come out to see me, too. 
He stands back from the slats of the fence, on the rocky hill that now leads to Clairmont. He is contemplation and enthusiasm. Ambition and strong coffee."

p.s.s.: have you noticed how I always post First Lines on Mondays? Seems good, first lines, first days of the week. It fits.

p.s.s.s.: has someone else had the same thought as I when they read the main character was called "Cady"?

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