Saturday 7 May 2016

Saturday 4 Show: Shows I'm never EVER watching

*Taylor Swift voice* I am never ever ever watching these series...together??? Well, this isn't how the music how and Taylor is far more talented at making lyrics than I am (also...that is her job, so...) but you get my point.

Today, I am talking about TV Shows that I am never, ever, EVER going to watch. I just don't want to watch them, either because they sound yucky or boring or because I am annoyed by the amount of tumblr posts they have (because tumblr posts can also be counterproducive, even if I started watching series simply because of my pals at Tumblr).

I have no intentions of offending anyone who is a fan of these shows because this is MY opinion and it really isn't worth much (tho, I know that if someone bad mouthed BBC Sherlock I'd be enraged). So, come be enraged with me or alongside me on my comment box.

Here is my top 4 shows:

1. Once Upon a Time

Just no. I actually thought of this topic this one time where my friend was like 'I'm watching OUAT' and I told her I was never ever going to watch it. This is a case of tumblr-itis, where so many OUAT related stuff have been shoved down my throat that it has me annoyed. I don't find the storyline appealing, I don't really like the main actress, I don't like magic, I don't like too much fantasy on a show. Honestly, I think it would be hard to place together more things I don't like in a show.

2. Chicago Fire

One of my friends ADORES this show and like all of us do when we adore a show, she spent weeks telling me about it and how I should give it a go, so I did. I actually streamed the 1st episode of this show and watched the first...10 minutes?! And then I gave up. It's nothing about the storyline or the characters, it's the fire, really. I hate fire, I am scared of fire and I have been near too many fires in my short lifetime, so I am probably never going to watch this because the fire makes me panic.

3. The Originals


I have been there and I did that for a few seasons of The Vampire Diaries and I am never, EVER going to watch something with vampires again. Like, ever. The only reason I actually watched TVD was Damon and Klaus, who I suppose is now on The Originals but enough is enough. I decidely don't like supernatural tv shows.

4. Doctor Who

Well, okay, this comes at 4th because there's a slight chance I will watch it someday. I like the idea of the show and I like the actors but the thing that throws me off is that there are so many seasons! I have been told I could start watching midway but could I really? I mean, do we know me? Would I really start watching midway through the show? Not likely. So the decision to not watch Doctor Who is just an attempt to preserve my social life because let's be honest....I would probably binge watch it in a week.

This is my top for the week, if you do this top link meeeee so I can see your choices :)
Next week I'll bring you....hmm... well, Shows that I REALLY REALLY want to watch! (That way we can have a nice balance here).


  1. Can you start doing saturday 4 show again, but make a goodreads group for it so it won't be so hard to remember to do?

    1. Ahh I have been neglecting this because I just can't come up with topics. I might do a goodreads group to see if it will bring more people into this :)

    2. If you have trouble coming up with topics, I can be a co-moderator (or whatever they're called).

    3. Aww thank youu. I have a friend helping me :) I might do the post for tomorrow, lately I haven't had much time but since I do now I might aswell do the post :D
      Thank you so much for your love for this little challenge!

    4. Okay awesome. Thanks for letting me know. I love the challenge thingy it looks so fun to do.

    5. No problem :) I have actually scheduled a post for today about the 4 shows I really reaaaaally want to watch!