Wednesday 1 June 2016

The Real Neat Blog Award


Here am I again replying to some questions left by the dearest Savannah at The Book Prophet. She nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award and left me 7 questions to answer and then I will have to create 7 questions for you.

Go by her blog and check out her cool reviews and then come back and read my answers, which I'mma leave rightttt here:

The Rules:

- Thank and link the blogger that nominated you.
- Answer the 7 questions that the nomination has provided you.
- Create 7 questions for your nominees.
- Nominate 7 other bloggers.

Savannah's Qs:

   1. Most anticipated movie release of the year?  

I don't usually watch many movies and I'm not usually very excited about the releases of movies, but I'm going to go with "Me Before You" because oh my Godddddd, Emily Clarke and Sam Claffin. I actually tried to read this book after watching the trailer but couldn't get into the book. Also, "The Girl in the Train" because it's another book I had to DNF but that I'm curious about.

     2. Favorite platonic book couple?   

Caroline and Simon <3 <3 <3
(from Wallbanger by Alice Clayton)

   3. Book you couldn't finish, but would give another shot in the future?   

"The Girl in the Train". When I started reading this book, I had just gotten unemployed and because Rachel is such an intense character, it was bringing me really down and I kept thinking about the book and feeling sad and depressive about it, so I dropped it but I still want to read it when I am in a better place in life.

    4. Actor or actress you would choose to play your favorite book character in adaptation?  

My favorite character is Claire and Jamie from Outlander and I love how they are played by Caitrona Balfe and Sam Heughan. So, my second favorites are Caroline and Simon from Wallbanger. I'd choose Chris Evan for Simon but I imagine Simon with somewhat of a longer hair so he would have to grow it out; for Caroline I'd go with... I don't know. I love Caroline far more than I love any actress in the world.

   5. Favorite book that takes place in the summertime?  

Hmm.... Gonna go with We Were Liars because it effed me up and it's the only book I remember to take place in the summertime.

   6. Most heartbreaking book?   

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. Seriously, did Tatia need to suffer that much? Did that many people need to die? Really? Really? Did I need to cry this big of a river??

   7. An author you will never read either because you hated their previous work or just aren't interested?  

David Levithan. Read Will Grayson, Will Grayson, hated it. Will pass further books by him.

My Q's:

1. What is one book you really love that everyone hated?
2. Who is the one author you love so much that you'd even read their grocery list?
3. If you could change the title to any book, what it would be? (the book and the new title)
4. What is the song you associate with your favorite book?
5. Name one book you were supposed to have read in school but didn't.
6. Have you ever not read a book and pretend you did? (or have you ever read a book and pretend you didn't?)
7. If your best friend was a character from a book, who would she/he be and why?

My Nominees:

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Cristina at My Tiny Obsessions
Joca at little house of books
Claudia at feel the pages
Danica at A Redheaded Bookworm 
YOU at wherever-you're-at.

(thank you savannah, you are a darling :) )


  1. The #6 gif is totally me (the person with the broom). Great answers!

    1. I might be the one crying over my toilet hehe

  2. Quero imenso ler a Rapariga no Comboio e estou igualmente entusiasmada com o Me Before You, porque parece de encantar!

    Giveaway de um colar de 2 camadas com a Born Pretty ♥

    1. A Rapariga no Comboio do pouco que li, gostei imenso! O Me Before You deixa-me bastante encantada também :) estou curiosa para er.