Wednesday 25 May 2016

TOP 5 WEDNESDAY: Characters I defend

It's wednesdayyyyy, tomorrow is a holidayyyyyy, life is goooooood!

(p.s.: tomorrow is a holiday in my wonderful Portugal. If wherever you live it's not, sorry for that. Come live here!)

Now, we're here gathered today to talk about character I defend! Off the top of my head I can think of 2 characters I strongly defend and that I will fight you if you hate on them. Seriously. I will. So don't come at me with that attitude.

(kidding, this is a free space and we can alllll share our opinions!)

Top 5 Wednesday were invented by Lainey and are now managed by Sam and you can see everything about them and about the event hereeeeee. (or by clicking in this entire sentence).

Here we go:

1. Tatiana Metanova from The Bronze Horsemen (Paullina Simons)

Tatia is my baby!!!! Honestly. You cannot mess with this girl. I know she was very silly and naïve at the beginning but I started loving her so much and by the end, no matter how many bad decisions she took, I loved her anyways. She's my little baby, I'm her mama. And I will fight anyone who shits on her... including you, Mr. Alexander Belov.... if tht's your real name!

2. Bellamy Blame from The 100 (the book is by Kass Morgan but it's shit so don't read it)

I sooooo defend Bellamy (the one from the show). He's my favorite character from a show and I think he is very misunderstood. I feel like he is more than just a pretty face and bad decisions, I think he is one of the characters that developed the most in a show and I know that if you shit on him, he will fight you. But I'll be behind him cheering him on.

3. Emma from The Proposition/The Proposal (Katie Ashley)

Emma is one of my favorite characters in one of my favorites books. I think this book is indie but omg I love her sooooo much! All she wanted was to be a mum and then she got with a guy to get preggers and oh God, oh God. I love Emma <3

4. Kaye from Skygods (Sarah Latchaw)

Another characters from one of my fav books. Hurry up, Sarah Latchaw!!!!! I need to know that my baby Kaye is alright with or without Sam!!!! (I also need to know that Sam is alright but Kaye is my main girl here).

5. Clive from Wallbanger (Alice Clayton)

Clive is a cat but who caressssss? Clive has to be immortal. He will never die, he will never starve, he will never be cold and a pat behind his ears should always be available for whenever he feels like it. Also, he can purr all he wants and he can ruin how many blankets he wants. He is Clive. And Clive is KING!


  1. Haha when I saw your the 100 answer. It's crap so don't read. If only I knew that before I purchased it.

    1. Savannah!!! :) hahaha omg but soooo true, like... I don't even know why I got it too! What a waste. And I was in a reading slump for a month after, too.

  2. YES! And then I read the god-awful The Infinite Sea afterwards (it was even worse than The 100!)

    1. omg is that one of the books from that 5th Wave thingie??

  3. Yeah it's the second book. The first book is really good but the second one sucked. I gave it half a star. I just purchased the last one though so hopefully this one redeems the series for me.

    1. I confess I have never watched the movie or read the book but one of my friends is reading the 1st book. when I told her you said the 2nd book was crap she told me 'well... i feel like i might stop reading 'cause it's not interesting me too much as it is right now' :)

    2. Haha. The second book IS crap. I was so angry and disappointing. I was skimming like half of the book. and I never skim. EVER. Anyway, I'm giving Rick Yancey one last shot with this last book. I hope it's good. My sis didn't like it either and she read it before I did.