Friday 13 May 2016

TAGS: The Jonas Brother Book TAG

Today who writes you is a 13 year old Cat while the 24 year old Cat hides behind the sofa (or in this case, in the bushes?!)

And you ask: "Seriously, Cat? Jonas Brothers?? Really, really?" and I will reply: "Yes, guys, reaaaaally!". Because, who wasn't a fan of Jonas Brothers when they were 13? (Or well....when I was 13!). Ohhh what great afternoons spent waiting for MTV to play a videoclip of their songs (yeah, MTV still showed music videos in that time, so you can see how long ago it was). It's true, I will forever remember how I was going to marry Nick and my best friend was going to marry Joe, how we sang their songs at the top of our lungs and how we planned to miss school if they ever stepped a foot in our country (which never happened but still, our academic careers thank you, Jonas Brothers!) 

Anyways, this tag was created by La Ladrona de Libros  and I found it somewhere on youtube while watching TAG videos. You can click on the name of her channel to watch her video but I will tell you that I chose to do the version adapted by Tiago Dante who switched some of the songs. Also, I don't reckon this TAG has been translated yet so I translated it but if there has been someone that translated it before me, please let me know.

Ahhh let's go, back to our childhood! To simplify (for you and me, since I can't remember some of the songs anymore) I'll try and leave the songs if you wanna listen to them as you read my answer (and please don't mind the crappy formatting of the youtube links. I officially can't understand blogger's HTML!)

A book you desesperatly need

I have just finished "The Bronze Horseman" by Paullina Simons and I LOVED IT so I'm going to say that I reaaaaally need the 2nd book. And to be honest, I know I can just go out and buy it, I had it in my hand two weeks ago but I feel like I need to take a break to breathe before I read another book of this series. So I deseperatly need it but I am also forcing myself to not get it right away (self control, self control...ahhh). 

A book that saved you

This one is difficult. I don't know if I can say that a book has saved my life because I don't reckon I have ever been in a situation I needed to be saved but I'm going to go with  "Will Grayson, Will Grayson" by John Green ft David Levithan which was a book that I kind of hated but that made me stop and think about how I was treating people around me. Was I being the best me I could be? So I think that because I hated how the main character treated his family, I learned that we have to treat the ones we love the best we can no matter how many problems we have at hand. 

A book you own that has the prettiest cover in your shelf 

I mostly read ebooks so the covers (books) I have at home aren't all that many. Staring at my bookshelves, I am going to pick a portuguese book called "D.Amélia" by Isabel Stillwell which is a book about the last queen of Portugal. I have the edition with the velvet red cover and it's beautifulllllll and I waited for monthes until it was at a price I could actually buy because I didn't want to get the black cover. 

A book you have searched for but can't have

Can't have is a bit of an exagerated word nowadays, right? Because if I don't find a book at the store, I can order it online. A book that I have searched for monthes in every book store I know was "Wallbanger" by Alice Clayton because I read it as an ebook and I really wanted the physical copy...I couldn't find it (I think it's yet to be translated to portuguese???) but I got it online. 

A book that was boring and that you DNF

I don't usually DNF books but, my God, how boring was "The Accidental Billionaires" by Ben Mezrich???? I adored the movie, about Facebook, and I thought that the book would be even better but NO. It was sooooo boring, I struggled to get into it and I feel like I only read like half of the book because I was stubborn and I kept telling myself it would get better. This was a nice sleep pill, I tell you. Urghh, no.

A book that hooked you from the first page 

I'm going to have to choose the last book I've read "The Bronze Horseman" by Paullina Simons because I loved it sooooo much. I was hooked from the first page, I felt a lot of compassion and empathy with Tatiana even if at the beginning I wanted to hold her hand and tell her what she was doing wrong. (At the end, though, I was like you go girl!!) 

A book that made you go crazy 

I was going to reply the same as in the last categorie because I actually went quite crazy because of the book (I mean, I dreamt I was running away from Stalin while eating a raw potato, no biggie) but I will choose another book that when I read it left me very ???? and 'ahhhhhhhh'. I don't even know if it was for a good reason or a bad one. This book was the "Consequences" Trilogy by Aleatha Roming which is the most weird, macabre thing I have ever read but then there are these plot twists that left me like 'whaaaa???'. Seriously, by the end I didn't know if the whole book was crazy or if I was the crazy one for having....liked it? I can't even, it was one of the most weird things I have ever read. 

A character that you can't stand anymore

More like "what did you do to my heart? did you break it apart?". Well, there is one kind of character that I am soooooooo done with and that kind of character is "female characters by John Green". I think they are one dimensional, they are copy/paste  from each other, the only one I thought was remotely different was Lindsay from "An Abudance of Katherines" but maybe that was because it was the first book I read from him and I had no comparation basis. 

A character that you would love to be

"Oohbedoo, I wanna be like you-oo-oo, I wanna walk like you and talk like you too".... Claire from Outlander! Because I love her, because she is the last cookie in the packet, she is a coke in the desert, she is too beautiful, too smart, too stylish, too everything. Claire is 10 out of 10 in every single category and on top of it all she is married to Jamie who is my favorite male character eveeeeeer. They are my fav couple in my fav book ahhhh. 

An author you have recently became a fan of

Paullina Simons! Well, I'm not sure if I am a fan of her already because I have only read book of hers but I loved it so much and I feel like the book is like 3 books in one. She stabs me in the chest and I ask for more, I cried, I screamed and then I went back and picked up the book again. So, I think I became a fan of Paullina Simmons but I still have to read more books....let's see if I continue under her wrath mwuahahaha (---> attempt at a malefic laugh). 

A book of your favorite genre that you read for the first time

My favorite genre in historical romance and I think the 1st book I have ever read of that genre (and that I only read once for school) was "Felizmente Há Luar" by Luis Sttau Monteiro (roughly translated: "Fortunetly, there's moonlight"). This book is a play and it's about the dictatorship lived in Portugal and how the PIDE police would receive anonymous complaints and not even check its veracity. It's a beautifl book and even nowadays, a lifetime after reading it, one of my favorite quotes is the last one of this book: "Fortunetly, António, fortunetly we have moonlight!"

And that's that! I'm not gonna tag anyone in particular, I will TAG every single person that was or still is a Jonas Brothers fan, let's come together and reminisce!


  1. Me and my sister were obsessed with the Jo Bros as well. Great tag!

    1. Same here! It's amazing how many of us were JoBros fans back in the day (and to think that Joe and Nick are now doing solo projects and getting some sort of projection again!)