Monday 9 May 2016

Me Thinks #2: The Player and The Pixie

It's official: Penny Reid and LH Cosway, take my soul, I surrender my life to this "Rugby" saga!

I finished this precious jewel last week but I had just posted about the first book of this saga, The Hooker and The Hermit, and I wanted to wait a bit before posting this. Plus, all my feelings for this were still so present that I couldn't be rational about it.

I confess that in the beginning I was so in love with this book, I was ready to swear this was the best book I had ever read and it was far more interesting than The Hooker and The Hermit, to which I had sang praises. I simply adored Sean and Lucy, their chesmitry, their relationship and all their bickering, it was something that left me laughing for minutes but even if I loved all this, it's also true that I kind of began to kind of fall out of love as I moved on in the book?!

Don't get me wrong, I ADORED this book and I found the story so interesting, like the 1st book, there are no clich├ęs and you can't predict what is going to happen because there's something unexpected at every turn (which is great since I usually can figure the whole book in the first pages and that makes things less interesting), however as I turned the pages I understood why I sang high praises to Hooker, I loved the characters so much more.

Things that I found interesting that I just have to mention: during Hooker, I hated Sean and thought he was such a dolt but now, during Player, I kind of got pissed off at Ronan! I feel like this comes down to the good writing of the authors, they make us see both sides of the same coin and feel compassionate about them. Another thing that I loved was to see this huge player, mega playboy be bad in the sack. AH AH AH. I loved this twist!

We can't all be good at everything and we all have the right to learn, like Sean. I feel like it's really important to pass this message in books especially since lately there are masters of sex coming at us from every corner. There's the Christian Greys, there's the Gideon Cross's, there's the masters of BDSM, there's the masters of his street. Enough! We want men who aren't good in the sack at all and need a little hand (no pun intended?), men who can live without slapping a bum with a paddle and men who look a bit more like the ones we find in real life.

I'm giving this book 4 stars and a huuuuuge round of applause to these 2 ladies. I am now super anxious for the 3rd book!!!!

p.s.: psssttttt, you thought I would forget about one of my fav things ever? Aka a book quote? Naaaah. Check out this sweet one:

"I don't want to close my eyes when I could be looking at you."

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