Wednesday 27 April 2016

Top 5 Wednesday: Maternal/Mother figures

It's wednesdayyyyyyy....which means it's Top 5 Wedneday day!!!! I haven't done one of these in a long while because I've been a little busy but also because I haven't got any book for any of the past topics.

If you want to know everything about this T5W, you can click in this amazing link which will take you to Goodreads. This Y5W was created by Lainey but is now managed by Samantha!

Today's topic is the best mums or best maternal figures we have found in books! This is a perfect topic because this week is gonna end in this great and amazing day that is Mother's Day! So these weeks posts are dedicated to all the great mums who have carried us in their belly for 9 mums! (Thank you, mum!!!! <3)

This was such a difficult list because I feel like there aren't enough decent motherly figures in fiction??? Am I reading the wrong books? Either ways, we need to have more great mums in books!!!! So I'm only going to do 4 books today.

And here are my choices:

1. Jenny Fraser in Outlander

Jenny isn't the main character, she is actually Jamie's sister but it just so happens that she has a gazillion kids! So she is a mum and is qualified to be here. She also happens to be the most kickass woman to have ever existed. I think she even kicks Claire's ass, and I love Claire! The fact is Jenny does everything a man does and then some... she is bold and strong and she manages the house, the farms and if needed, she will fight. All this while taking care of her football team like babies and sometimes, pregnant with the next goalie.

2. Ma in Room

Ma is Jack's mum, in Room. I don't think her name was ever mentioned in the book but to be truthful, I haven't finished reading this book. I watched the movie and it was one of my favorites from Oscars 2016 but when I picked this book up, I was so disappointed. Still, Ma is one hell of a mum, raising her child in the room and doing everything she could to protect him and save him.

3. Mary Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl

I have raved about this book in the blog countless times because this is one of my favorite Philippa Gregory books. When one was a part of the court, one couldn't simply live with their kids but Mary Boleynn didn't stand for it. When her children were taken from her, she gave everything up to be with them: she gave up on the King and the court and even the wealth. And that makes her a hell of a mum! (Even if only in fiction).

4. Margaret McLachlan in The Beauty Trilogy

This trilogy is one of my favorites because it's so fun and light and sweet (even if the covers make it look very 50 Shades. It's not!!!!). One of my favorite characters is Margaret because she is so funny and brings this book into a whole new dimension. She supports her children a 100% but she also provides her daughters in law with advices to tame them. I liked her so much, I laughed so much because of her.

And voilá! It wasn't easy at alllll.... C'mon, book writers, let's give mums more space in novels, shall we?!


  1. Aw, Jenny is a brilliant pick! She was so take-charge and sure didn't mind giving anyone a piece of her mind. LOL

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    1. Jenny is such a kickass character! Nobody messes with this girl!