Saturday 23 April 2016

Saturday 4 Show: Couples who make me eww

It's Saturdayyyyy, it's the weekenddddd, it's TV Shows list dayyyyy! Weeeeee.

Today, I bring you the top4 couples who make me EWWWW. We all have those couples that we simply hate to see on screen and who make us wonder why the heck did anyone think they were a good idea? They bring nothing new to the series, they don't even look good together and just....why?!

I thought of this topic because of some stuff I bumped into on tumblr, even from series that I no longer watch (but of course then I had to check them out again just to see if this was true or not). This is an offence to love, I tell you. These couples...oh, no....these couples.
But let's find out, who my top4 are!

1. Spencer and Caleb from Pretty Little Liars

I gave up on Pretty Little Liars because the whole A drama was too much and it wasn't even gullible anymore, like I could honestly write a whole rant of PLL because this series that I loved so much turned BORING. Anyways, several years went by in my life and then I saw there were these new epis where the girls were grown up and I got curious so I checked the show out again and urghhhh. That's when I found this couple....this awful, awful couple: Spence and Caleb. That's right. What the heck?? I think it's weird because we went from 6 seasons where Toby+Spencer and Hannah+Caleb were a thing to.... Spencer+Caleb??? I just don't even like them together...even if, okay, they have some stuff in common but urghhh. It hurts my eyes.

2. Asher and Bonnie of How to Get Away with Murder

Asher and Bonnie are my two least favorites characters of HTGAWM. And I kind of like Asher now but when he dated the annoying, silly and not-interesting-at-all Bonnie, he lost all of my respect. I haaaaaaate Bonnie. I honestly do. Now, in the last few episodes of season 3 (?? I think), Asher begins dating somebody else and I didn't even see those two people together at first but then I kind of liked them and also, I like it the most because Bonnie is out of the equation. She was so mumsy to Asher and when they were together, they put me to sleep... still, with the rhythm of the series I suppose it was good to have a moment to catch my breath (and a wink).

3. Bellamy and Clarke in The 100

This is a impopular opinion, I know!!! And they are not even a couple as of yet but I don't even see it?? Fine, Bellamy mighttttt have feelings for Clarke but Clarke is in love with Lexa. And I'm fine with it, because I love Bellamy and I don't like Clarke. I may be one of the few people who dislikes Clarke but she is soooo annoying and she takes all these decisions by herself without consulting her "partner in crime" but whenever Bellamy messes up she comes and judges him? At least he didn't run away when things got hard, Clarke!!! And then she goes 'I need you, Bellamy'....oh please, give me a break. No, no, no.

4. Jo and Alex in Grey's Anatomy

Ahhhh, Jo just needs to chill. At first I really liked Jo because she understood Alex and they have the same background and they came from similar places in life but then they started dating and Jo became a pain in the ass. She is so whiny, she always thinks everyone is against her and she always manages to bring personal life into work-related situations. I don't know why the writers always find the worst girlfriends for Alex because he certainly doesn't deserve that and I haven't lost hope that Jo will get better and win my love and affection again but as of right now... I just can't figure her out. And I don't think Alex can figure her out. Maybe Jo needs to figure herself out, first.

And that's ittttt. That's my top4 of eww couples. If you do make your own top4, link me so i can check it out. Next weekkkkk, it's Mother's Day  in Portugal so I'm going to bring you Top4 Motherly Characters to spread the looooove.


  1. No! I completely forgot about this! Ugh! I really wanted to do it and these past two topics have been awesome!!!

    1. Aww <3 I got a friend that is doing this at her own pace so no worries, if you wanna do this, you can go for it even if it's not saturday :) (i mean, i did post one of them on a sunday!)

    2. I will just try my best to remember! You should just make a Goodreads group so I can join

    3. Aww that could be a good idea but so far we're only 3 :( but I'mma add you on goodreads!!! :)