Monday 18 April 2016

Reading Challenge - A Book Based on a True Story

It has been quite a while since I have updated the blog with posts about books I read recently. Truth to be told, I have been struggling with my readings because I don't find books interesting enough or because I have been busy with my never ending search for a job or even just....lazines.

Last week, I was virtually strolling on goodreads and I checked by TBR list and I found this one book that I have been meaning to read foreeeeeever. So of course I immediately googled it and found this online version of the book. This is a book based on a real story's a diary! So maybe it doesn't fit the criteria all that well but still. True story!!!!

Andddd the chosen book is: "Diary of Frida Kahlo - An Intimate Self-Portrait".

Frida is one of my favourite artists and she is one of the women that I love the most, because she had such a difficult life with health problems and love problems. She was a fierce communist who dressed in bright colours to hide her pain and suffering.

Whoever starts this diary believing this is just a traditional diary (e.g.: like Anne Frank's) will end up really disappointed. This diary doesn't have daily routines or love letters. Because she was a paintor, this diary ends up being a graphic diary more than anything although, in the few words that Frida wrote we can understand her life of suffering (she tells stories of her amputated leg, for example) and even a few poems Frida wrote for Diego, her greatest love.

I would reccomend this diary to every fan of Frida, or even of art in general, because we get to infiltrate her head and see her tought. And she even explains the story behind one of my favorite paintings of hers: The Two Fridas. However, I found that some diary entries made no sense whatsoever so that bummed me out a's these entries, though, that make for a quick read.

A little love quote that I found in this diary and fell in love with, is my quote of the book:
"You too know that all my eyes see, all I touch with myself, from any distance, is Diego. The caress of fabrics, the color of colors, the wires, the nerves, the pencils, the leaves, the dust, the cells, the war and the sun, everything experienced in the minutes of the non-clocks and the non-calendars and the empty non-glances, is him."

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