Sunday 10 April 2016

Saturday 4 Show: My Favorite Villains

Okay so what if it's not Saturday anymore? It's still okay to do my top4 Saturday for show!!!

Truth is, yesterday I couldn't do it and I forgot to schedule it so here I am, with my top4 picks of my favorite villains. Mwuaha. This one is very exciting because there's really not an interesting show where the villain is meeh, right?

So, here are my top4 fav evil evil characters, where number 1 is my favorite villain of all (and soooo disgusting that I have to skip scenes where he is in) and my number 4 is just a villain that is mean but not that mean and could be corrupted to be good:

1. Jack Black in Outlander

So Jack Black is this commander of the Red-Coats (the british army during the 17-somethings) and he is the most DISGUSTING person ever. Seriously. He makes me tremble just for being on my screen. He is my favorite villain because he is just so evil but at the same time I can kind of understand where he is coming from....during the show (and more so, during the books) we can understand a bit of Jack Randall's past. Still, the things he does to Jamie makes me irk. There were scenes where I literally skipped and covered my face to not watch. He takes the number 1 spot because he is the most evil person eveeeeeer.

2. Ramsay Snow in Game of Thrones

Okay so I watch Game of Thrones even though I'm not one of those huge fans of the show who know all the theories and what everyone is up to. In fact, I had to google who Ramsay was because I didn't remember his name.... I do remember his character veeeeeery well because he irks me so much! He is that guy who I want to punch every time he shows up! Everything he does is AWFUL. Like... I am certain he never did something good in his life. I bet he came out of the womb already mean and spitting venom. Urgh. Hope someone kills him soon.

3. Malcom Merlyn in Arrow

Okay so Malcom is a proper jackass when he wants to be one but when he finds out he has a daughter (this is something that happens on season 3, I think, so I'm not going to reveal who she is), he kind of cares for her and tries to do his best and he even kind of mends his ways towards Oliver. So I am putting him on my list but he shows up at number 3, because I think that his daughter (if she wanted to) could corrupt him into coming back to the good side of the world.

4. Tyrell Wellick in Mr. Robot

Wowwww okay.... Tyrell. How does one even begin to discribe Tyrell? To be quite honest, I haven't exactly figured him out just yet but he is, for me, one of the villains of Mr.Robot but he comes in 4th because I think he is 'evil' just because his wife pushes him into things and because he is so ambitious that he can't tell right from wrong sometimes. I do think he feels really guilty sometimes so he is not a proper villain....he has a little heart somewhere inside of him (I am so excited to see what will become of him in season 2!!!)

Okay so this is my list! If you made your list of your top4 villains, leave me the link bellow!!! Next week I'mma bring love to my blog with a Top 4 of the most odd, weirdest and no-no couples, in other words "Couples who make me eww".

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