Wednesday 30 March 2016

T5W: Worst Love Interests

 It's wednesday which meansssss: Top 5 Wednesdays!!!!

Like I told you last post, this Top 5 Wednesday was something created by Lainey and you can find the goodreads group here! So check it out because it's preeeetty rad.

This wednesday the top was supposed to be least favorite book in a series but I don't read many series, I either read all the books in them and feel satisfied or I DNF them so I looked at past topics and I am gonna do "5 Worst love interests" instead.

Without much to add, here are the 5 love interests that have made me pull my hair out during the whole book or for a good part of it!

1. Bella/Edward in "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyers

Bella and Edward. Where should I start with these two? I could have choosen one or the other but I honestly think they are both awful. Bella is very silly, spineless and so blindly in love with Edward that she can't even see what is wrong with their relationship. And Edward is so...urgh! Like, he takes decisions alone and doesn't care about others but okay, at least he did go away for Bella's sake (but like...did he reallyyyy?) and he should do that because they are AWFUL, BAD, NO, NO, NO.

2. Gale in "Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins
Oh, Gale! First things first, I kind of like Gale and more than liking Gale I really like Liam Hemsworth playing Gale. Heart eyes for Gale (Liam). And I really like the friendship between Gale and Katniss during the first book and I think he is an alright lad, with his convictions and all that but like... why would you ruin a perfectly good character with a love triangle? JUST NO. He is so childish in his love for Katniss with his "you can't be anybody's friend because we hunt on saturday's mornings" and "who cares if you are trying to survive, don't you dare to get together with another male character" urghhh. And so what if he didn't say this, that is what I heard!

3. Alaska in "Looking for Alaska" by John Green

I could say a lot about Alaska if Alaska had anything interesting about her for me to talk about. I didn't understand Alaska, I didn't understand what the heck was going on in her head, I didn't understand her motivations and I didn't understand why everyone was in love with her. I thought she was silly and not interesting at all and I thought Pudge (who was also kinda meeh) deserved better.

4. Nick and Amy Dune in "Gone Girl" by Gyllian Flynn

Oh myyyy, these two! Okay, I basically adore this book and I adore these two characters and they are so well built and very well written but from that to saying they are good for each other.... just no. I think this is actually a good thing because they aren't supposed to be good for each other. To begin with, Amy is crazyyyyy, she is nuts, but I think she got like that because she suffered so much with Nick and her parents. And also, Nick can be an ass sometimes. C'mon, get a divorce and don't hurt anybody else, yeah?  Just go be merry and happy.

5. Natasha in "War and Peace" by Lev (Leo???) Tolstoi

So what if I have only seen the War and Peace mini-series by BBC? It doesn't matter because I'm still gonna rant about Natasha. She was like one of my favorites characters (also Lilly James, soooo pretty) but then she goes totally out of character and falls in love with Anatole in like 0.02 seconds and she wants to elope or whatever they called it those days? And I know my buddy Andrei (who was my top fav) kind of left her for a year so his (stupid) dad could approve of his wedding (dunno the point of this but anyways) but Natasha waited and that's the most wicked of it all: SHE WAITED A YEAR AND THEN GAVE UP FOR ANATOLE WHAT THE FUCK???? I forgive her though because she probably wanted to get laid (oops) and she kind of redeemed herself by the end so... Istill love you Natasha (or Natalya or any of the other 20 names you were called).

And this is my top 5!!!!! And now I'mma check out yours. So leave me links and leave me more bad, just the worst of the worst love interests in my comments!!!

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