Friday 18 March 2016

Reading Challenge - Non-Fiction Book

I know this book can occupy a number of categories from my challenge BUT I promised myself that I would read one book per category. And anyways, it's not like I read many non-fiction books so I think this was the perfect fit.

And by this, I mean "Beyond Belief - My Secret Life inside Scientology and my Harrowing Escape".

This book was reccomended to me by a friend, and it was written by Jenna Miscavige Hill who is the niece of the actual leader of the Scientology Church.

I will admit that I knew nothing about this "science" or "religion" - maybe I should call it, way of life? - but this book actually taught me a lot. There were times, during my train trips to work in which I read this book, where I felt so mad and angry and at the same time very incredulous that stuff like what Jenna wrote happens nowadays.

Sure, there were some bits of the book which were a little boring simply because it's full of explanations and terms unknown to me but all in all, this was a good read.

Also, I tend to be a lover of quotes. So I get one from each book I read. In this case, best quotes goes tooooooooo......

"“I knew without a doubt that I was a good person, and, no matter what anyone else thought or said about me, no matter who they were or how important, I didn’t care. When I realized this, down to the moment, the clouds opened up. This realization was the beginning of personal integrity, when, instead of dismissing my feelings or my intuition, I found myself following them.”

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