Tuesday 22 March 2016

Reading Challenge - A mystery or a thriller

Of course for this category there could only be one book choosen. I think this was actually the story of the year (and by year I totally mean 2015!).

No more suspense.... The book I read for this cat. was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn!

I don't usually follow trends and I usually wait until for the buzz for a certain book or movie to be over before I watch it/read it. I mean, that's why I still haven't read Harry Potter (I know, shame on me!!!!) but I just couldn't avoid watching this movie (also, I think it's important to mention that me watching the movie had more to do with Ben Affleck than with the buzz around it!) and then getting the book.

I looooooved it.

Even after I watched the movie and knew what would happened, I found myself questioning certain things through the book. I even got to the point where I wanted to smack Nick.... poor lad.

I know the Cool Girl speech is iconic but for me, the most memorable part of this book was this little dialogue between Nick and his sister, Go, so these is my favorite quote:

“Remember that game you always played with Mom when we were little: Would you still love me if? Would you still love me if I smacked Go? Would you still love me if I robbed a bank? Would you still love me if I killed someone?'
I said nothing. My breath was coming too fast.
'I would still love you,' Go said.
'Go, do you really need me to say it?'
She stayed silent.
'I did not kill Amy.'
She stayed silent.
'Do you believe me?' I asked.
'I love you.” 

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