Wednesday 23 March 2016

Reading Challenge - Book that I haven't read by author I love

This was a very easy category to fill since even a procrastinator like me can do it, because you don't have to actually read the book! There are several authors who I worship and love to death and from whom I'd read anything and everything - even their grocery list. yup.

But there is this one author, I just have to love her. And whenever I see she releases a new book I get on every website about books that I know to get said book.

This author is no other than Alice Clayton. It may seem strange because I don't think she is one of the most famous authors but I just love her. I think her humour is very much like mine and I am a slave of "Wallbanger". Ever since reading "Wallbanger" and reccomending it to every single one of my friends, I have became Alice Clayton's bitch. Yup.

And so, I kind of freaked out when I learned that she was going to release another book: "Nuts"!

And since I am writing this post after I actually have read this book (I'm still going to leave it like this because when I originally posted this on my portuguese blog, I still hadn't read it), I can tell you what i thought about it. I didn't like Roxy at first but then she grew on me. Since I am not a cooking expert or even a cookie enthusiast, I kind of didn't care much about her recipes but I adoooooore the romance portion of it. I lovedLeo (because I mean who doesn't love a Leo?)

And also let's not even get into the cuteness that is Leo and Penny! urgh.

And since back then I hadn't read this book, I think it's better to give you a quote from Wallbanger (also one of the quotes who sold me on Wallbanger):
“He was wooing me. And I was letting him woo. I wanted the woo. I deserved the woo. I needed the wow that would surely follow the woo, but for now, the woo? It was whoa.”

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