Saturday 2 April 2016

Saturday 4 Show: Female Characters I love

Besides loving to read, I looooooooove from the bottom of my heart to watch series! I am perfectly capable of binge watching a tv show in two days.... this because my self control is close to none whereas cliffhangers are concerned.

So, in an attempt to post more here and to talk about other things than books, i have decided to create Saturday 4 Show which is basically going to be a top4 related to tv series (which sometimes (a lot of times) are to blame for me not reading).

This top4 was created by me and I invite you all to participate and link me your blogs in the comments so I can check your tops!

This week it's "Female Characters I love", those characters that make me say "man, I wish I was like her when I grow up" so from my favorite of favorites (I reaaaaaaally want to be like her) to my least of favorites (I kind of want to be like her), I present you my top 4:

1. Lagerther from the "Vikings"

Lagertha is the reason I created this challenge because I was watching an episode of Vikings and I was thinking "I just love you so much". And it's true! For me Lagertha is sugar, spice and everything nice because she is independent and she knows what she wants and runs to get it. Nobody messes up with her! She is one of the most famous shieldmaidens and she kicked her husband's ass when he cheated on her (You go girl!!!!!). What I love the most is that she doesn't let feelings get in the way of what she needs to do and for me, there is this thing where she still likes her ex-husband but she can live perfectly without him. She suffers but at the same time she makes suffering her bitch.

Simply put, Lagertha to Queen of the World!

2. Claudine from "Versailles"

Okay so you are probably done with me talking about my new favorite series "Versailles" but I can't help but adore it! Well, Claudine is a female doctor in Versailles and if you haven't watched the series but plan to do it, I warn you that in the next few lines there are some ******SPOILERS******, now that you've been warned: this characters is a 2nd in my list because I love her determination and how she stands up to discrimination against female doctors, and she goes as far as opposing her own father. I think it's quite "funny" (not really) how a man who knows medicine and anatomy is considered a doctor but a woman who knows medicine and anatomy is considered a witch. Our buddy Claudine, here, ends up saving the Queen in the first couple episodes and Louis XIV, who was clearly ahead of his time, elects Claudine to be the officially doctor of his court. You go girl, destroying steryotypes!

3. Claire from "Outlander"

 Are you sensing a certain pattern of historical series here? Well....yeah. Claire Frase is the main character in Outlander which is simply my favorite show of all times (and that I deeply reccomend!). She is a time travelled and she goes from 1945 to 17-something where she finds herself in the middle of a civil war and instead of whining and crying about it she uses her fantastic brain to find a way out. She is bold, strong, confident and brisk and she is so cool, the top of the top of the top that she ends up with the top lad in Scotland: Jamie Fraser. A lot of people would say Jamie is the main character but, for me, Claire is just point of the show (or well, obviously Jamie plays an important part) and she is the Queen of both 1945 and 17-something.

4. Raven from "The 100"

So, I used to love this show and then not as much but one of the reasons why I keep watching this show is Raven! She is an engineer and she isn't affraid to show her value and to be arrogant because she is just that good. At a point in the story, her leg gets aparalyzed but she doesn't let that fact stop her from doing what she wants to do, with more or less difficult, with more or less pain, she just kicks ass. Raven appears in this list because she can always overcome a problem and she is a cupcake so she deserves the best success in this unfortunate show!

And that is that! These are my top4 ladies. Next week I bring you:..... my top4 villains! mwuahah


  1. I don't watch any of these shows but I will definitely take part in next weeks!

    1. Ahhh that is exciting! :D leave me your link when you do so I can check it out! (also because when i try to go on your blog it says it has been deleted?? :( )

    2. I transferred to Weebly. It's