Saturday 30 April 2016

Saturday 4 Show: Best Mums Ever!

It's saturdayyyyy, it's the weekend! Wee-hoooo. Dance-Party!!! And this weekend we have a special dance-party in honour of our beloved mums. Thank you girls, for giving us life!

In my native language I can remember a lot of  songs or poems to quote in honour of this day, but english isn't my mother tongue so I will refrain from posting that kind of thing and make a fool of myself. If you do know a song or poem related to mother's day, leave it to me in the comments! That way, I can use it next year (wink wink).

Anyways, let's do this! Let's honour the mums that grace our tv shows, mums we would like to have or that are so so so so cool. My number 1 is a super-mom, my number 4 is also a super-mum so like... this top has no preferential order whatsoever (but Abby is my fav anyways):

1. Abby Griffin in The 100
Abby is a super-mum! Eventhough she is Clarke's mum, she is actually mother of all of us. Yes, even of us, viewers. When she understood that things were wacked up there in space, she wasted no time in trying to create a spaceshift that could bring her to Clarke and since she has been on earth she has done everything she could to help her daughter and her friends, the Deliquents....even if sometimes they speak crazy. Abby trusts, loves and supports everyone and she is my fav mum ever (even if right now she is doing questionable choices).

2. Catelyn Stark in Game of Thrones

Cat!!!! Who doesn't like this lady? She accepted Ned's bastard and took care of all of her children with love and fondness. She was an attentive mum who had a very sad final (as per usual in this show, anyways) that she didn't deserve in the slightest. I am sure that if she was still alive, her heart would be hurting a lot nowadays seeing all her children separated and in pickles. She's a mum who is no longer amongst us but who is still a hell of a mum!

3. Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy

Meredith doesn't win the mum of the year award or anything, especially because her kids don't even show up that much and I'm 80% certain that she spends half her life at the hospital. But I like her and I think she is sweet and she has been able to be a good mum  even if she, herself, had the worst mum ever. And even after Derek died, she was able to stand strong for her kids instead of drowing herself in Tequila like she used to do in the first seasons.

4. Melissa McCall in Teen Wolf

Okay, so I haven't watched Teen Wolf in ageeeeeees but I loved (still love) Melissa! She is that kind of mum who is your friend and is always there for you. She is besties with her son and his best-friend and let's be real, she trust them a lot to believe every wacked thing that comes out of their mouth and help them! Melissa is simply this: fantastic!

These are my choices for the day! So if you do this, leave your blog's link on my comment box so I can check it out and see which mum's are your favs. Next week I'll bring you: Shows that I never ever ever plan on watching. Might be a cool post!


  1. Oh Crap. Not again. *shakes head in disbelief* I'm going to have to start putting this on my calender

    1. Hahah I feel yaaaa! I swear that I don't schedule this posts beforehand, I end up forgetting to post it :P