Saturday 15 October 2016

Saturday 4 Show: Shows from our Childhood

.....or a nostalgic trip that will leave us all in a fragile state!

Yes, because I may only be 24 but I have a lot to miss from the days I didn't do anything but watch TV and eat Oreos without worrying about gaining weight; days in which I could sit on my couch in weird positions without getting back aches and in which I could go to school with unmatching pants and shirt. 

I remember the afternoons I'd watch TV with my sister while we waited for our friends so we could go out and play in the street, ride our bikes and play Game Boys. Oh those were the good days!

From all the soap operas, cartoons and shows  watch those days, these are the 4 that come to the top of my mind:

1. Dawson's Creek

I remember little from the plot of this series but I remember how much I loved Joey and Dawson together!
(Also, look at this video!!! It's soooo old but so cool!)

2. Baywatch

I feel like Baywatch was a part of everyone's life and that everyone has a different memory of this show. Since I was young and veryyyy innocent, I really vibrated with the drama in each episode even if the adults around me vibrated with something else (cough Pamela Anderson cough).


My friend described this show as "the show everyone started watching but no one finished" and it's so true! I remember watching this show on weekend's afternoon in RTP (our national tv station) instead of studying which was probably the reason I would catch an episode here and there. In truth, this list made me want to watch LOST and here I am, staring at 8 seasons and almost finishing the 1st one. 

4. Flashforward

Youtube claims this show is from 2010 but I refuse to believe it! It seems so much older!!!! This was one of my favorite series back in the back but unfortunetly, like many great shows, it was cancelled.

What about you guys? Have you watched any of these shows? Share it with me down below and get ready because next week we shall haveeee: 4 unknown shows everyone should know [because they are SO good].

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  1. The only shows from here I've seen are Lost and I actually did finish it, and it's the first of two shows I've finished (without them being cancelled)