Wednesday 14 September 2016

First Lines #5: The Summer Garden

The day for which many of us (well, me) were waiting for has arrived: I have started to read the last book of "The Bronze orseman" series by Paullina Simons.

Yes, let's reflect on that and have a minute of silence for me.

Well, this baby is called  "The Summer Garden" and is a 'little' book with about 700 pages and to be honest with you all, I'm not even in the first lines anymore, I'm kind of in the middle of the book right now at page... 350?!

 And what I have to say so far is: I LOVE IT SO MUCH I WANNA MARRY IT.

"But Cat, what's new? You love all of these books!" That's true, my darlings, that's very much true. This book doesn't really bring anything new to the table (so far) but after the other two, filled with action and where my heart was ripped countless times, it's kinda good to read this one. You know when you're a writer and you just want to write sweet cheesy scenes because you love your characters so much? There. This is that book.

Lots of Alexander. Lots of Tatiana. Lots of Anthony.

Buttttt, I wouldn't be myself if I hadn't freaked out a thousand times with the possessive-agressive-sexist-uneeded-i-rule behaviour from Alexander (excuse you, Mr.Barrington-I-rule-the-world but would you even have gotten this far without Tatia? NO. No, you wouldn't have, you'd be dead in a ditch somewhere! AND NOBODY WOULD CARE) and this bothers me because Tatia has saved him so many times but he keeps thinking she is naïve and he wants to take all the decisions when, honestly, she is the smartest? For Christ's sakes... and then that boss of his!!!!

Sexist men, follow the way and get out of here, c'mon.

In the end, I' simply sorry for Tania who is such a strong woman, ahead of her time and with these monumental balls and she is sometimes misunderstood along the book. The exception being Anthony who worships her like she deserves!

Oh and there are these flashbacks with Pasha (knife in my heart) and with Dasha (knife in my heart) and with some other doutbful characters that you can totally skip but that I am meticulously reading because I am a masochist.

Alright, let's see how many more hairs I'm gonna pull off before this book is over!

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